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No, I’d say the show does a great job of representing the typical 18-34 male with Larry, with his constant need for validation, attention, and the world to revolve around him.

not to mention Bennet’s quest to prove that he’s a man, Pornstache’s overcompensation that disguises his vulnerability, Healy’s struggle to make positive change that is frustrated by his need to be loved by a woman, and Caputo’s exploration of his desire to control the world around him and whether or not he wants to do that.

men are quite accurately represented in the show, the only issue male viewers seem to have is that these men display the warped nature of man’s dominance, and the idea that their superiority is not perfect and noble is offensive.

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I’m pretty sure the WHOLE FREAKING COUNTRY shipped these two okay.

Ultimate level of shipping.

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when a bunch of people follow u out of nowhere


Its funny because his friends betrayed and killed him

are u trying to tell me to be prepared or

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no but seriously this was my favorite part because they were able to wear dresses and be feminine and stuff and at the same time be able to kick major butt

While using their individual characteristics of their storylines as weapons

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only posers smile



things you should totes not view as positive portrayals of love/romance:

  • the great gatsby
  • romeo & juliet
  • the phantom of the opera
  • snape

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and now, a joke taught to me by a six year old:
knock knock

whos there


fork who

fork that you eat with

  • baby: t- t-
  • parents: the baby's first words!
  • baby: t- thh- th-
  • parents: three??? thing???
  • baby: t- tha- tha-
  • baby: That’s right, I am Kira. And what can you do? Kill me right here? Hear this: I’m not only Kira, but I’m also God of the new world. Kira has become law in the world we now live. He’s the one who’s maintaining order. I have become justice, the only hope for mankind. Kill me? Is that really the right thing to do? Since Kira’s appearance six years ago, wars have stopped and global crime rates have been reduced by over 70%, but it’s not enough! This world is still rotten… with too many rotten people…. Somebody has to do this! And when I first got that notebook all those years ago, I knew I had to do it—no, I was the only one who could! I understood that killing people was a crime. THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY! THE WORLD HAD TO BE FIXED! A purpose given to me! Only I could do it! Who else could’ve done it and come this far?! WOULD THEY’VE KEPT GOING?! … The only one… who can create a new world… is me…





Every now and then this girl comes up on my dash and I’m just so done.


Yeah, she’s an okay cosplayer, and she’s got some talent, but I CANNOT get behind her message.

She says she wants to be a “Positive Role Model in the plus size cosplay community” but I’m SORRY. You’re trying to promote a…

Does this mean I’m famous now? 

XD Dude, I’m sorry the people on your dash like my posts. I guess you need to find more bigoted feeds? 

You’re not famous, just gross.

It’s funny because Alana and I have worked together as stage fighting partners and she’s actually in shape and capable of a lot of physical activity. So that kind of takes the legs out from under your hate table right there. This kind of “concern” based shaming is really useless because she doesn’t need your “concern.”


i don’t know if the best part of this post is the excruciating sexism or the metal gear solid in the corner

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im sorry but my sensors indicate that you are indeed a weenie


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some people on this site are literally this awful

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